Tigran Mets 65A
Founder of design studio
Education: magister of design
Компетенции: дизайн interior design, landscape design, graphic design, 3D graphic
Experience: 10 years
Founder of Design school
We make design
projetcs of interiors
since 2015
  • Ekaterina Shpagina
    Interior Designer
  • Vasilina Tsigankova
    Interior Designer
  • Nikita Ignatev
    Senior 3D-vizualisеr, projector
  • Ivan Shoshin
    Interior designer, founder of studio
  • Valentina Shoshina
    Manager of equipment, manager of project
  • Rabiyat Baranova
    Administrator of project
  • Alena Kulikova
    Manager of equipment, manager of project
About our studio
Since 2015, we have been creating comfortable resource interiors for our clients, eliminating repair errors, budget overruns and compromises, which are extremely expensive and difficult to correct in the future.
We are also engaged in educational activities, our design school is available to everyone.
077 009771
Tigran Mets 65A
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